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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Meet Our Core Staff

Kelley Williams
Executive Director

Kelley has been the Executive Director since July 1985 and has been with the organization since 1980. In her capacity as Executive Director she has developed new programs and approaches to delivering needed services to the community.
She is a lifelong neighborhood resident and is keenly aware of the needs of our community.

Ramon Cuevas
Director of Youth and Community Services
Ramon Cuevas has held this position since 1993. He has extensive experience in the area of yo
uth development and after-school programming. While on staff at SBNC, Ramon has had a major impact on the development of LACASA's after-school and summer programs. His experience and training has helped us develop after-school literacy curriculum and recreational programming.

Janice Bethea
Tenant Advocate and Social Service Counselor

e came on staff in 1996. Facing a difficult landlord/tenant problem, Janice came to Strycker’s Bay for assistance. Spotting a job notice SBNC had posted on its bulletin board, Janice applied for and got the job. The rest is history. Janice treats every client with TLC and goes the distance with each case. She is well versed and experienced in housing court matters, Department of Social Services processes and has access to valuable resources used to prevent the eviction and homelessness of the tenants who turn to Strycker’s Bay for assistance.

Jeannette Mercado
After School Program Coordinator

Jeannette has been with us since 1997 and is a very special member of our youth program staff. She is our resident expert in children's literature. She introduces interesting books to the children of LACASA and designs lesson plans around them. She does whatever it takes to make sure the children; the parents and the program are prepared for and enjoy each literacy project .

Rosa Quiros
Fiscal and Administrative Manager

Rosa, like Janice came to Strycker's Bay as a client in March 1988. Living in a building where her Section #8 subsidy was threatend she came to Strycker's Bay for assistance. She began working at a few months later as our Housing and Tenant's Rights Counselor. Over the years she has filled several administrative and program support positions. Today, she is the what keeps the our office running.

Tomorrow meet two of our interns from City As School.

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