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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Waging A Living -- Documentary on PBS August 29th

From the PBS website


A Documentary by Roger Weisberg

The term "working poor" should be an oxymoron. If you work full time, you should not be poor, but more than 30 million Americans — one in four workers — are stuck in jobs that do not pay the basics for a decent life. "Waging a Living" chronicles the day-to-day battles of
four low-wage earners fighting to lift their families out of poverty. Shot over a three-year period in the northeast and California, this observational documentary captures the dreams, frustrations, and accomplishments of a diverse group of people who struggle to live from
paycheck to paycheck. By presenting an unvarnished look at the barriers that these workers must overcome to lift their families out of poverty,
"Waging a Living" offers a sobering view of the elusive American Dream.


The following companion materials are available for download.

Discussion Guide For Employers, Labor Leaders, And Community Stakeholders

(PDF, 3.8MB)

This discussion guide is designed to help the working poor, service
providers, and labor leaders gain visibility and engage employers and
civic leaders. The guide offers several activities to spark
collaborative strategic planning in such areas as workforce
development, family economic support, and community investment
initiatives. Produced by Making Connections Media Outreach Initiative.

"Waging a Living: Opportunities for Action"

(PDF, 320KB)

This report examines the state of America's low-income workers,
provides examples of programs that have successfully increased access
to health care, education or training, and makes suggestions for
getting involved in making a difference. Produced by The Hatcher Group.

Broadcast Date:

August 29, 2006

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