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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

History of Housing In Manhattan

Housing Manhattan
History and Current Affairs

At The

Moderated By City Council Member Gale Brewer

Explore the history of housing in Manhattan along with a discussion of the leading issues of the day including affordable housing and the rent stabilization law. How did slum housing become profitable? When and why would judges relieve a tenant from paying rent? Why was the prime characteristic of the 19th-century housing market mobility and turnover, in contrast to the market today? How did New Yorkers come to regard tenants as having rights and landlords as having obligations? What is the future of housing in New York City?

Speakers include:
Elizabeth Blackmar is author of Manhattan for Rent, 1785-1850 and a Professor of History at Columbia University. Adriene Holder is Attorney-in-Charge, Civil Practice, The Legal-Aid Society. Laurie Lau is a Housing Court Judge with the Civil Court of the City of New York. Jack Freund is Director of Research for the Rent Stabilization Association. Scott M. Stringer is Manhattan Borough President.

Buy Tickets Event Details Time & Location Date: 02/26/2008 06:30 PM Pricing Full Price Ticket (Non-Members): $15.00 Member Cost: $8.00 Student/Senior/Educator Cost: $10.00

For more information on programs: Please call the N-YHS Public Programs Department at 212-485-9205 or goto the New York Historical Society website.

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