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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We've Lost A West Side Pioneer

Karen Jorgensen with husband Ted Thomas at a 2006 Strycker's Bay Fundraisier

Ted Thomas, husband of Strycker's Bay President Karen Jorgensen, passed away Monday, June 16, 2008.

Ted was a "West Side pioneer" said Karen of her husband. Ted helped with a parent take over of PS 84 to fight for better education for children and was part of the long struggle to save, not only his building then owned by the City of New York, but to insure that low and moderate income housing was part of the overall development plan for the West Side Community.

Ted left his mark on the West Side. We will miss him.

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Anonymous said...

O Ted, Ted, Ted--not just a pioneer, but a Titan, a giant of the 325 CPW movement, the Ur-organizing effort that started the drum roll in the early '60s and announced the people taking back the power on the West Side. Karen, you don't have to be told to be strong, you will be. But memory is powerful too. Near or far, we feel your loss as ours. Flavia Alaya

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