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Friday, October 08, 2010

Strycker's Wins Grassroots Community Planning Award

Strycker's Bay Executive Director Kelley Williams named the recipient of the Grassroots Community Planning Award.

" Ms. Williams has been a community organizer for more than three decades, working to maintain an ethnically, racially, and economically diverse Upper West Side. At the age of thirteen, she became involved in community and tenant organizing. Since then, Williams has organized hundreds of low-income tenants on the West Side. In 1991, she organized parents to form a small, community-based public middle school named the Community Action School (CAS). Today, CAS has an enrollment of 230 students, and is committed to serving an academically and culturally diverse student body. Then, in 1993, Williams developed and secured funding for the Learning Action Center for Academic Success and Achievement (LACASA). The program is designed to help school-age children of all learning abilities reach their academic potential through after-school and summer programs. LACASA is now operating programs in two public schools and enrolls more than 250 participants each year."

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