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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

People Face This Everyday

More than 50% of the tenants coming to Strycker’s Bay for assistance face eviction due to loss or some or all of their income.

Many are surviving on unemployment benefits, short-term temp jobs or public assistance. They are struggling to pay their rent. Many have rents you may deem affordable by today’s market rate rents for the Upper West Side.

A $900 monthly rent isn’t bad for an apartment on Central Park West. But a senior citizen is facing eviction because his monthly social security benefits are only $1100 and he is having diffifulty making ends meet.

A single parent and her child live in an apartment that rents for $650 per month. She can usually make ends meet. Recently being laid off, this family in danger of being evicted. After exhausting unemployment benefits, this family must now ask for help from the Department of Social Services and apply for welfare. Unfortunately, the welfare benefits this family of two is eligible for will only cover $250 of the monthly rent.

Both of these families are typical of households that seek assistance from Strycker’s Bay everyday.

Beginning tomorrow we will post information and websites that will help families in need of resources to help them stabilize their lives and prevent their eviction.

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