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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Illegally Moved Out By His Super!

Mr. Perez is a senior citizen and a longtime friend of Strycker's Bay. He had just returned from visiting family in Puerto Rico. When he entered his apartment he found that his bed, color television and two radios had been removed from his apartment. He contacted our office frantic.

Janice, SBNC's Tenant Advocate went to his home immediately. She contacted the police who discovered the building Superintendent had removed Mr. Perez's belongings. THIS ACTION WAS ILLEGAL! There was NO COURT ORDERED EVICTION!. While the police officers did not file a report since they deemed there not to be any criminal intent, they directed the superintendent to return Mr. Perez's belongings immediately.

If you find yourself facing an illegal eviction or lockout you should CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY - 911 -- Your lordlord nor his agents can lock you out of your apartment or remove your belongings. Only a Licenced City Marshal can with a court order signed by a judge.

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