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Friday, June 22, 2007

Valerie Levshin Joins Strycker's Bay

My name is Valerie Levshin, and I'm a proud new member of the Strycker's Bay team! I’ve joined the organization to spread the word about the wonderful services it renders to the community, to bring new activities to the kids in LACASA, and to provide additional resources to the low-income residents on the Upper West Side. To reach out to the parents, kids, public officials, and other interested parties, I will be developing a website, a newsletter, as well as other promotional tools. I’m especially excited about engaging children and staff though the website: kids will be able to create profiles and interact with one another, contribute writing and pictures, and share their current activities and projects on the site. By forging relationships with cultural institutions and private companies, I hope to expand the services we provide to children, teens, and adults whose lives we touch.

Prior to joining Strycker's Bay, I was a field researcher for a study that evaluated a literacy and social development program for kids in K-5, and as a marketing associate at Scholastic Inc. Born in Russia, I also lived in Argentina and studied in Australia. I love dancing salsa, roaming the parks, and reading.

If you have any ideas regarding what kind of activities or resources would benefit the kids and adults, what organization we may be able to partner with, or how we can best tell our story, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is and the office phone is 212-874-7272.

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