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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Strycker’s Bay Community Shares Thanksgiving Luncheon!

The menu included everything from turkey and stuffing to scrumptious chocolate mousse and traditional homemade pumpkin pies.

The Strycker’s Bay community gathered today to enjoy great conversation, share information on tenant’s rights and show support for the SBNC Housing Program staff that has worked tirelessly this year to help tenants avoid eviction, obtain repairs, and secure rental subsidies.

Representatives from the Schaumburg Plaza Tenant’s Association attended and expressed their appreciation for Strycker’s Bay working with the association and individual tenants. The Schaumburg housing development, located on 110th Street and Fifth Avenue, is one of many Mitchell-Lama buildings bought out of the program. Tenant’s of Schaumburg Plaza have been coming to us in droves.,” says Janice Bethea, Director of Strycker’s Bay’s Housing Counseling and Eviction Prevention Program. “Tenants have been evicted because they were unaware of their rights and Section #8 guidelines.

Strycker’s Bay has intervened on behalf of many tenants from the development and will continue to be involved in this building to make sure tenants are protected against eviction.

Tenants and neighbors from around the West Side and beyond had a great time getting to know each other and how they can become more involved in Strycker’s Bay. Everyone had such a great time; plans are already underway for the next gathering.

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