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Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome Quinten!

My name is Quentin Samuels. I’m 18 years old, (July 24, 1989). Well I’ll start off by saying I love basketball, cutting hair, dancing, art and music. I used to go to Art $ Design high school. But I didn’t do to good academically there so after my senior year I applied for City As School and got accepted.

I’ve been into art since childhood, and I’ve always loved music but I didn’t start taking it seriously until I started high school. I design clothing mostly with abstract fabric paint designs. I don’t usually make clothes from scratch with a sewing machine. I’ve participated in fashion shows, art galleries, contests and crafts fairs.

I’m a Christian hip-hop artist. I write my lyrics and songs based on my relationship with God and my everyday life. I also produce my own beats. I’ve done quite a few shows in my life and right now I’m working on my first CD. I’ve been on couple of summer league basketball teams and also my old school’s basketball team. -- The Thurgood Marshall Panthers.

I like helping people. I’m the youth leader my church and we reach out the community in many different ways. We’ve had a community luncheon. We opened our doors to the community to have free lunch with us. We’ve been to homeless shelters and helped feed the homeless and also sat, ate, and talked with them. We put on shows and invited everyone from the community to come in and enjoy watching people show their talents for free. So that’s just a little of who I am and how I can help at Stryckers Bay Neighborhood Council.

Director's Note:
Quinten has join the staff of Strycker's Bay as an intern from City As High School. He will be working on a number of projects including the coordination of a holiday drive for food and gifts for families in need. WELCOME QUINTEN!

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